Oxalic acid production in Spain began in 1944. At that time, a domestic market for this product far larger than the current one and a world yet to undergo the unbridled globalisation of today created the ideal circumstances for the predecessor of Oxaquim S.A. to quickly grow and consolidate itself in the market. During the 1950s various oxalic acid factories appeared around the world: All of them were able to coexist in the world market thanks to the gradual rise in oxalic acid consumption.

However, in the late 1970s, the competition from India and China, as well as the offshoring of production to these two countries, changed the situation. As a result, from the 1990s most of the world’s manufacturers had to close down. The efforts of India and China to create a global oligopoly accentuated the problem for European producers. The emergence of Oxaquim S.A. curbed this oligopoly and today we continue to supply our products in Europe as the foremost provider among the world’s manufacturers.

Currently Oxaquim S.A. has taken anti-dumping action against India and China in Europe, reducing the unfair competition that they were engaged in. The market has understood that the disappearance of European manufacturing would mean a rise in prices due to the lack of competition in the region as well as a product shortage when the Chinese and Indian domestic markets have peaks in consumption.

For some years Oxaquim S.A. has been assessing the possibility of expanding its production to Brazil in order to supply the South American and African markets.

Oxaquim SA is finalizing an expansion of production to 15,000 MT per year, ending in March 2015. Thanks to the achievements in R + D + I, Oxaquim SA has approved investment necessary to implement and expand production up to 20,000 MT per year. The estimated start-up date is August 2015.

In 2017 Oxaquim SA has made a Joint Venture to produce a new line of products that is expected to consume Oxaquim’s Oxalic Acid production totally, obliging to double the capacity before 2025.

In September 2018 Oxaquim SA already expanded its capacity to 25.000MT due to the fast growing market of its new products.  

After some years of I+D+I Oxaquim SA has culminated with a new technology to improve the quality of Oxalic Acid products and most important with the development of Pure Oxalic Acid, much demanded to produce high technological materials. Construction of the new plant will start in February 2019 to finish the plant and ready to produce by first semester 2020.