Mission and values

Oxaquim S.A. is the premiere manufacturer of oxalic acid in Europe and the second largest in the world, with various presentations and qualities. We are also the leading manufacturer of oxalates in the world, producing 12 types of this product. We also have a production plant for nitric acid at a concentration of 60%.

Since our founding in 1991, when we began as the smallest manufacturer in the European Union, we have invested almost 30 million euros in our process, and we are now a global company with clients in more than 80 countries. We intend to continue investing each year to provide these clients with products of the highest quality with the most advanced technology.

We are manufacturers of chemical products with a clear goal: to improve in every area we work in. To do so our main asset is the expertise of our workforce, with people who are the best in their respective roles. It is these people who have made it possible for Oxaquim S.A. to receive the worldwide recognition it deserves.