Davsa Acetosella

Davsa Acetosella


Compound of potassium hydrogenoxalate and oxalic acid dihydrate, of a crystalline white appearance. Presentations in Powder, A1, A3 and C.


Used for polishing and shining marble.


All the products can be palletised in sacks of 25 kg or 20 kg, or Big Bags.
The 25 kg and 20 kg sacks are made of low-density polyethylene to keep the product dry. They are made to measure to avoid breakage when stacked on top of each other or loaded onto lorries or containers.
The pallets can be 1,050 kg or 1,200 kg.
The Big Bags weigh between 1,000 kg and 1,200 kg, depending on the client’s requirements.


Davsa Acetosella
Davsa Acetosella, 25Kg sack packing
Davsa Acetosella, big bag packing
Davsa Acetosella, pallet packing