After several years experience in the market, Oxaquim was incorporated in 1989 as a company dedicated to the production and marketing of oxalic acid. Thanks to a policy based on quality, service and perseverance, and strong technology and continuous investment has grown from a small family to lead the industry in Spain entity and become the first European manufacturer and the third The world in its segment.

Although the official founding of Oxaquim dates back to 1989, its leaders already had a background of many years in the field of manufacturing of oxalic acid and its derivatives.

Its origins were modest, with a small family business that gradually, through hard work and effort, came to lead the industry in Spain. Later, it was also positioned in the European market since the late 90 became the parent company of the continent.

At present, production Oxaquim distributed across more than 60 countries from the five continents and its objectives are to get to lead the manufacturing segment of oxalic acid worldwide.