The Government of Aragon has declared as an investment of regional interest the expansion project of the Oxaquim factory in Alcañiz and the construction of a new plant in Andorra, Teruel, an investment that will amount to 44 million euros, which will mean the creation of 50 new jobs and the expansion of the production of oxalic acid, a strategic component to promote the new electric mobility, green energy generation and digital transformation.

As stated in the Official Gazette of Aragon, of July 1, 2022:

(…) “The declaration of investment of regional interest constitutes a strategic instrument that, with the ultimate goal of facilitating the attraction of business investments that allow the renewal of the productive model of the Aragonese economy, can be applied to the development of investment initiatives linked to renewable energy sources, favoring the creation of wealth and employment in the Aragonese territory.”

(…) “The project presented by Oxaquim, SA, is adapted to the strategic model of development of Aragon in multiple facets, particularly with regard to the Energy Plan of Aragon 2013-2020 and the Aragonese Strategy for Climate Change Horizon 2030, helping to transit towards a low-carbon energy model, as well as in relation to the promotion of the circular economy, the reduction of waste and associated emissions. The project contributes to saving and energy efficiency.”

(…) “The project favors the growth of the economy and employment in Aragon, particularly in the regions of Bajo Aragón and Andorra-Sierra de Arcos, exerts a real effect of protecting nature and the rural environment and contributes to the reduction of CO and NOx emissions into the atmosphere.”

(…) “From an economic point of view, the project contributes to strengthen the business fabric in a strategic sector for the Autonomous Community such as industry, in addition to reinforcing the external opening of the Aragonese economy. The presented project, due to its characteristics, allows the generation of lasting, innovative and sustainable endogenous local growth. Likewise, the project will have an outstanding social impact by generating highly qualified local employment, which reinforces social cohesion and has a positive impact on the current social structure of the area, configuring itself as a lever for rooting and economic-social development, not only for the municipalities of Alcañiz and Andorra, but for the whole of the counties and the rest of the territory of Aragon.”

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+ Information collected in the Official Gazette of Aragon (from page 22732):