Oxaquim, the leading European producer of oxalic acid and the second worldwide, is working with its sights set on continuing to expand its business internationally. Already present in 85 countries, its goal is now to gain weight in Oceania and double its sales on that continent.

In this sense, negotiations with Lynas Rare Earths, an Australian-based giant and the world’s largest producer outside of China, are already well advanced regarding the extraction of minerals included in the group of so-called rare-earth elements and to purify them at its Malaysian plants.

As Marc Miquel, CEO of Oxaquim, explains, “contacts are already at a very advanced stage and a few days ago we received a visit from various senior executives of the company, who visited our production center in Alcañiz and were interested in the expansion plans in Aragon, as well as the existing logistics in the country, so we also organized a complete visit to the port of Barcelona for them”.

“The world’s producers of rare-earth elements increasingly require greater amounts of oxalic acid and in Oxaquim they see a strategic ally to escape dependence on China,” says Miquel.


Oxaquim, a vital player in the transition towards a cleaner and greener world and economy, is the leading producer in Europe and second in the world of oxalic acid, a strategic component for emerging sectors that work in favor of sustainability.

It is also the first manufacturer of potassium oxalate.

Among other applications, oxalic acid is used to purify rare-earth elements, essential for the new electric mobility, green energy generation and digital transformation.

 Oxalic acid

Oxalic acid is used in 16 productive sectors. Moreover, it is essential to purify the so-called rare-earth elements, minerals that are used in the batteries and motors of electric cars, wind turbines, electronic and digital components…

“Our commitment to sustainability and the environment makes us the cleanest and most efficient manufacturer of oxalic acid in the world”, adds the CEO of Oxaquim.


Oxaquim maintains investment plans in Aragon, specifically in Alcañiz and Andorra, which once executed will involve the disbursement of 377 million euros and the creation of 390 new jobs.