It’s been 30 years since Oxaquim is located in Alcañiz. The society, constituted in 1989, built the most modern and advance production oxalic acid factory worldwide, starting its production in 1991. Later on, several investments have been done to optimize the process, increase the capacity and improve protection to the environment.

Last 8 years and thanks to the right decision of the European Commission to support and anti-dumping procedure, the society has been able to maintain a level of turnover necessary to finance latest investments.

The investigation done by the R+D department in Tarragona will permit a better quality and competitively of our main product worldwide.

The company during 2021 will implement a new production method with the most advance technology that will obtain improvements on the main parameters:

Increase of the velocity of production, improve yields upon raw materials and energy, and eliminate any type of residues.

It is expected that in 2022 the factory will have a capacity of 25.000MT/year, which will represent a 65% increase, with an increase of 30% of number of employees.

This growth in production capacity will be enough to meet the expected demand in the short-term, due to the new applications.

The forecast in demand in the mid and long-term is to continue to escalate, mainly due to rare earths. Reports of this sector forecast an accelerated rhythm for the future, therefore Oxaquim will decide the best geographical situation to establish another factory with similar capacities.