Oxaquim, the only European and second world manufacturer of oxalic acid, has ensured that it is able to guarantee the supply of this chemical to the European Union.
The announcement of the company, with a production plant in Alcañiz, Teruel, comes after a strong increase in world demand, as a consequence of the reactivation in the post-covid stage; the new applications of oxalic acid in strategic sectors; production problems in China, due to regulations that restrict CO2 emissions and a shortage of containers.
Marc Miquel, CEO of Oxaquim points out that “we can guarantee supply to the EU thanks to the anti-dumping measures that were imposed at the time (against China and India in Europe) and the support of Brussels, which understood that it is a decisive component for the economic future and sustainable development of the countries of the European Union”.
Oxaquim is a vital actor in the necessary transition towards a cleaner and greener world and economy. The production is destined to very diverse uses. Although oxalic acid is today a strategic component for emerging sectors. It is used to purify rare-earth elements, vital for the manufacture of electric engines for electric cars, microprocessors, windmills …
With clients spread over more than 80 countries, Oxaquim manufactures under demanding quality standards that clearly differentiate them from the competition. And they place the company in the world elite, thanks to an effort for continuous improvement, and investments in R+D+I and technology, which exceed 75 million euros. The commitment to sustainability and the environment makes Oxaquim the cleanest and most efficient manufacturer of oxalic acid in the world.