We share this article published in La Vanguardia, and signed by Enrique Figueredo, (1) in which the need for Europe to be self-sufficient in rare earth elements is highlighted. Rare earth elements are essential components to guarantee the technological and economic future of the Continent.

At Oxaquim we are the first European strategic producer and the second worldwide of oxalic acid, decisive in purifying this group of 17 specialized metals, known as rare earth elements, vital for the manufacture of motors for electric cars, microprocessors, windmills… and other applications of high technology.

Based on their relevance, the demand for rare earth elements is expected to increase worldwide.

According to the European Commission, EC, currently 98 percent of the demand for rare earth elements is met by China. Thanks to the anti-dumping measure that the European Union, the EU, imposed against China and India, today Oxaquim can contribute to the goal of achieving the desired and growing autonomy in the value chain, and not compromising the economic future of the Union.

Oxaquim has already guaranteed that it will supply EU companies with all the oxalic acid they need to maintain their leadership position in the face of the great challenges of the future, such as the technological transition, new mobility and the fight against climate change.

(1) https://www.lavanguardia.com/internacional/20220314/8112543/guerra-anade-presion-ue-sea-autosuficiente-tierras-raras.amp.html